STEP-C: The ideal place to "host" innovative start-ups and pioneer entrepreneurs

“STEP-C has played a significant and ongoing role to the growth of our organisation. We are deeply grateful for this fruitful, strategic relationship.”

George Papadakis

“Being active in the premises of STEP-C helped us develop partnerships with other companies and Institutes of the FORTH. In addition, STEP-C has always been a magnet for investment schemes and organizations interested in collaborating with innovative companies. Continuous information on events, exhibitions, research and funding programs is of utmost importance for the further development of a start-up. We experience this in our daily lives, thanks to STEP-C staff members continuous efforts.”

Dimitris Koutsioulis
CEO EnzyQuest

“STEP-C for a new company means fundamental support in every step. Here, we found consulting services and a vibrant community where innovation is in the forefront. We were offered a wide network of important people that helped us jumpstart our endeavor.”

Nikos Fronimakis
Founder Datatrek

“The premises, the location and the services of STEP-C facilitate early-stage activities for market and business development, allowing companies to remain focused on the development of their products, while enjoying the added value of their participation in the innovation ecosystem of businesses and Research Institutes of Crete.”

Vassilis Spitadakis
MCBS Administrator

“Our company, Oxygen pelatologio is a member of STEP-C. Apart from the credibility that arises from being in STEP-C, Oxygen benefits daily from its building infrastructure as well as the consulting it offers that varies from business guidance till the security of  the intellectual property of the company. Moreover, participating in daily workshops and innovation programs are an important feature of STEP-C.”

Vagelis Grassos
CEO Oxygen