Participation in the two-day Conference of the Portuguese PDBEB Symposium

Published May 29, 2024

Dr. George Papamichail, Director of the Science and Technology Park of Crete (STEP-C) participated in the 18th edition of the PDBEB symposium, which is organized by students of the Doctoral Program in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine (PDBEB) of the Interdisciplinary Research Institute of the University of Coimbra in Portugal.

The two-day conference was held on May 15 and 16, 2024 at the Pavilhão Centro de Portugal, with the theme “(Not) Knowing What Comes Next: Tools for the Research of Tomorrow”. The first day was dedicated to technological tools, while the second to the impact these tools have on society.

During his lecture, Dr. Papamichail presented the topic “From Research-driven Innovation to Academic Entrepreneurship” and referred to the processes and tools needed to transform research results into business opportunities.

In addition, during his speech, he referred to the CHAngeing project, which aims, alongside others, to connect two centers of excellence in Portugal and Greece and turn them into poles of attraction for research and innovation related to ageing.

Here you can see the agenda of the conference & the speakers: program & speakers