STEP-C :A center for the promotion of innovation & entrepreneurship

Join the STEP-C Incubator

Mandatory requirements for a company to join the STEP-C incubator:

  • To qualify as a knowledge intensive company with collaborations or prospects of collaboration with academic & research institutions, particularly with FORTH.
  • To be innovative, technology-oriented and pollution-free.
  • To be sustainable and to have realistic growth prospects clearly justified.
  • To have a complete business plan, including, at least, information about the goals of the company, the market, the competition and the basic financial data.
  • To illustrate a clear commitment that the company’s executives will be personally engaged in the development of the company.
  • To demonstrate a meaningful linkage between the needs of the company and the services provided by STEP-C.

Companies interested in joining the STEP-C Incubator, are encouraged to apply via email at inquiries[at]

The application is assessed and approved by the STEP-C and FORTH BoDs within max. 3 months. The relocation of the company in the Incubator should be completed within 6 months.

The Pricing Policy of the Incubator is available here