STEP-C: A center for the promotion and support of innovation & entrepreneurship

Dimitris Hatzidakis
Vice-President of the BoD of EDAP/STEP-C SA

Dimitris Hatzidakis has carved out a three-decade career in the dynamic realm of digital technology and its applications in advertising, online services and e-commerce. Serving as the co-founder and CEO of Phaistos Networks S.A., he has consistently demonstrated unparalleled foresight, positioning the company as a leader in cutting-edge technological services.

Under his visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to innovation, Phaistos Networks has delivered a plethora of successful projects that surpass technological boundaries, setting industry benchmarks. These initiatives have not only added value to the ecosystem but have also garnered the trust of companies operating in the Greek market.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dimitris Hatzidakis is an enthusiastic supporter of the local community. He is actively participating in initiatives and programs aimed at empowering local talents and promoting youth entrepreneurship.

Dimitris Hatzidakis’ journey continues as the CEO of Phaistos Networks, aiming to ensure the company’s continued success and leadership in an era of constant innovation and evolution.