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Junior Project Assistant

Efsevia (Evi) Basta is a graduate of the Department of International and European Studies with a postgraduate specialization in Human Rights and Immigration Studies, from the University of Macedonia. She has expertise in political and social science, international relations and diplomacy and a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics surrounding these issues.

As part of her undergraduate studies, she participated in the Erasmus+ program in Brussels seeking collaboration and interaction with different academic environments. While doing her internship in the Region of the Ionian Islands, she dealt with management issues of the regional unit of Zakynthos. Her interest in the field of human rights is reinforced through the interniship she carried through at the National Commission for Human Rights during which she conducted research and edited texts on the topic of combating discrimination and inequalities.

Her practical experience includes working as an Administrative Employee in a tranfer company, in which her responsibilities concerned the orderly and smooth management of the company’s administrative affairs, as well as the communication with local education, tourism and private bodies.

She is fluent in English and has a good command of French.

She works at the Science and Technology Park of Crete (STEP-C) as Junior Project Assistant.