Published May 25, 2012

MOBIP 2012
Pan European Partnership and Investment for Mobile Services

On the 31st of May & 1st of June, 2012, Thessaloniki, Greece, will become a meeting point between SMEs, professional experts, corporate partners and venture capital investors interested in knowledge-sharing on strategic information, market opportunities and new business trends in the Mobile Value-Added Services industry.

Despite the economic crisis, Greece is a wordwide hub in mobile sevices, and especially mobile advertising. Some of the Greek companies of the sector are distinguished as world leaders in the mobile services market, provide services to the largest telecom operators globally, are listed on NASDAQ and London LSE/AIM Stock Markets and achieve substantial growth both at national and international level. In 2011 Greek companies raised more than $300m from the US and UK stock exchanges, and in the last 18 months are buying out companies in Europe and USA. The aim of the Partnership and Investment Forum is to foster the competitiveness of high-growth ventures in the mobile services sector and to strengthen their opportunities for market access both within Europe and in wider international markets. The partnership responsible for the MOBIP event consists of enterprises with an exceptional record of innovation support activities, which focuses on support in investment readiness, access to finance, internationalization and business-to-business collaboration.

The MOBIP event aims to become, once again, the meeting point of all market players: operators, manufacturers, developers, platforms, investors, marketing agencies, smartphone and accessories makers, media, marketing- sales executives, consultants, etc.

Throughout this intensive two-day event,  the focus will be on facilitating communication between investors and high-growth potential SME’s, exploiting the prospective of business-to-business cooperation and improving access to large mobile corporations, venture capitalists and industry players as sources of partnering and investment. In order to achieve this, the most promising technology companies from the mobile services sector will be selected to share their fresh perspective on the future of the industry. In return these businesses will be provided with free access to the forum and a chance to present their company and product or service to an audience of experienced industry players and investors.

A focused programme with partnering workshops/presentations will allow SMEs to present their services and products before the audience of potential partners. The session will be structured in a way to foster discussion and feedback to SMEs. In turn, corporate partners will be able to share their market expertise with SMEs presenting their activities, further their reputation as a market leader and at the same time, increase their knowledge of new innovative research and trends for prospective commercialisation.

Potentially high-growth SMEs are allowed to pitch their investment-ready business proposals before an experienced group of Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors as well as industry experts. Highly interactive, the goal is to foster deal flow among Mobile Value-Added Services SMEs and financiers.

The event will host the START-APP MOBIP competition, a European Competition of Innovative Ideas in Mobile Applications and Platforms. Students, young entrepreneurs, and innovative company who have submitted their innovative idea will get the chance to present it to an international panel of experts and investors and win one of the Prizes sponsored by GLOBO.

GLOBO is an international leader and technology innovator delivering mobile, telecom and e-business software products and services. Thanks to its intense investments, strategy and targeted collaborations, the Group offers solutions that enhance the ultimate user experience and customer engagement in all software application fields. GLOBO is listed on AIM market, London Stock Exchange’s (GBO:LN). With offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Dubai, Athens, Singapore, Nicosia and Bucharest, GLOBO is expanding globally to serve customers in more than 15 countries currently.

GLOBO recognizes business excellence, best practices and special skills in companies, students, young entrepreneurs, which target to mobile applications and platforms sector.

GLOBO is seeking for unique characteristics and special achievements putting students, young entrepreneurs/companies in the spotlight of innovation with 3 financial rewards:

    1st prize : 10.000€
    2nd prize:  7.000 €
    3rd prize :  3.000 €