Published September 01, 2011





“Renewable Energy Sources: Industry – Academia cooperation”
Friday, September 16, 2011, 17.00 – 21.00


Workshop Agenda


Workshop Poster


Workshop presentations


1st Session: R&D projects

  1. RES in Crete: Regional Innovation Capabilities  Dr. N. Zografakis, Regional Energy Agency of Crete (in greek)
  2. BIOSOLENUTI project prof. Athanasios Koutsolelos, Department of Chemistry
  3. Solar application in the island of Crete. Examples of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Lab, Technical University of Crete Zacharias Gkouskos, Msc Researcher and Dr. Theocharis Tsoutsos
  4. INRES Collaboration between island regions to maximize environmental and economic benefits from research on RES Αrtemis Saitakis, STEP-C Director (in greek)
  5. Clustering and Networking Opportunities for Renewable Energy SMEs Panagiotis Ignatiadis, FORTH, Help-Forward Network, STEP-C
  6. ECO Τechnologies using Innovative Photocatalytic Materials  Dr. Binas Vasilios, IESL, FORTH (in greek)
  7. Possibilities of using Solar Energy Technologies in Western Crete John Vourdoubas, TEI of CRETE, Natural resources and environment department
  8. Activities of Wind Energy Labaratory and Energy Systems Synthesis prof. Dimitris Christakis, TEI of Crete (in greek)


2nd Session: International Experience

  1. Samso, a Renewable Energy Island in Denmark Jan Jantzen, Samso Energy Agency
  2. Global Centers for Solar Fuels & Artificial Photosynthesis Siddharth Dasgupta NSF Center for Chemical Innovation: Solar Fuels Caltech


3rd Session: Companies’ Presentations

  1. Building quality photovoltaic systems in Crete  Sven Behnsen, Photovoltaika Kritis 
  2. Energy Systems-Company’s activities presentation K. Boutos, Archit. Engineer, D.P.L.G. Paris, Chania – Rethimno Director, NEON ENERGY, Energy Systems A.E (in greek)
  3. Company’s activities: Geothermy and BMS Applications Nikos Paranichianakis,Hydroklima EPE (in greek)
  4. Company’s activities presentation Ioannis Fanourakis, EcoWatt Hellas Ltd (in greek)
  5. Investment opportunities by small wind turbines Zacharias Maliarakis, Environmental Engineer, Technical Director, Ioannis Koutrakis, Physics Environmetal Scientist, General Director, Energyworks OE (in greek)
  6. Market analysis and applications of solar thermal systems in Greece(1970-2011) Alexander Perakis, Olympic Sun
  7. Company’s activities presentation Manolis Tsikandilakis, Energy Engineering, Crete (in greek)
  8. Company’s activities presentation Thanasis Chiras, Director, Energy Solutions, Crete (in greek)


Workshop Video