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Sotiris Tripolitsiotis
Member of the BoD of EDAP/STEP-C S.A.

Sotiris Tripolitsiotis has studied Computer Science at UCLA where he completed his postgrad-uate studies in the same field.

He is a senior executive in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications with a professional career of more than 35 years. For more than ten years he has led multinational work teams in matrix organizations and has delivered complex, mission-critical projects.

He has worked in positions of responsibility in multinational and large Greek ICT companies (IBM, Lotus, Singular Logic, Byte, etc.), with emphasis on the implementation of integrated solutions for the financial market.
Since February 2021 he is the Chief Information & Technology Officer (CITO) of PancretaBank. He is responsible for the Bank’s technology functions, sub-structures and applications as well as the design of the next technology environment of the Bank. He is a member of the Bank’s Executive Committee, taking an active part in all major decisions of the Bank.

Recently, he led the technical team and successfully completed the project of migrating the data, products and services of HSBC’s Greek division to the systems of PancretaBank, contrib-uting to the smooth absorption and immediate and smooth operation as a single bank.