One more successful business exchange relationship in the context of Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs programme, in the area of theatre and audiovisual production

Published January 23, 2023

Maria, is active in the sector of theatre and audiovisual production and she is participating in the Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs programme as a New Entrepreneur with the aim to set up a production company.
Through her collaboration with the Host Entrepreneur in Glasgow (UK), Maria will learn the management tools of a company and how to communicate with artists, film producers and sponsors. She will learn all the tips to have a successful business.
During the last months, she is actively involved in the Host company’s project, an international film festival, since the pre- production procedure of the film festival until the ceremony of the big event which is a film festival. She will be able to learn the whole process and how to organize and curating a film festival

Martin, the Host Entrepreneur, through this procedure, will get a second opinion and review on his business vision and activities. They will both extend their network of professional contacts and get all of the tools they need to evolve and succeed.
Martin and Maria will be working together in order to improve and extend further their professional skills and competences. It will definitely be a mutually profitable collaboration.

💥Local contact point/intermediary organization for the Host Entrepreneur: EISC Ltd 
💥Local contact point/intermediary organization for the New Entrepreneur: Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH)