Samsung R&D India Launches Startup Incubation Program 2023, Tech Startups to collaborate with Samsung to Bring Innovative Ideas to Market

Published February 10, 2023

Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore (SRI-B) and Samsung R&D Institute Noida (SRI-N) today launched the Startup Incubation Program 2023 where technology startups will collaborate with Samsung to bring innovative ideas to market.

Samsung India has continuously strived to be India’s true partner, bringing advancement through its innovative technologies. With a strong focus on research and development (R&D) to build meaningful innovations, Samsung Mobile Advance (SMA) 2023 is a Startup Incubation Program, driven by SRI-B.

SMA is a grant funding scheme for new proof-of-concept projects that are specifically tailored to Samsung Mobile technology. This program is not only an opportunity for Indian companies and organizations to gain Samsung’s support in the financial aspect, but the winners will also gain access to technical and project support to develop their ideas into reality. SMA is specifically designed for startups to collaborate with Samsung to gain an opportunity to develop their innovative ideas.

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