Published June 08, 2010

Bluevibe Ltd. signed Blueweb Mobile Media today as its exclusive reseller in the U.S., in a move to introduce its powerful interactive mobile marketing services to the developing Proximity Marketing sector in the U.S.
Bluevibe is a Proximity Marketing System that seeks to stand out from its competition by focusing on providing opt-in Bluetooth marketing campaigns, giving the consumer the power of choice when it comes to participating.

Mr. Antoniadis, CEO of Bluevibe Ltd., commented on why Bluevibe concentrates more on opt-in Bluetooth campaigns: “The traditional ‘one-way’, or ‘content push’, Bluetooth Marketing campaign model is also supported by Bluevibe, but with the ongoing debate around the intrusiveness and even legality of such campaigns, we have chosen to focus on Interactive Campaigns where consumers opt-in, rather than opt-out”. 
“We believe this is the only way Bluetooth can evolve as a marketing medium. Imagine, in a few years’ time, if many businesses on a high street are equipped with Bluetooth marketing, and your phone beeps every 30 seconds as you’re walking along. You’re bound to turn your Bluetooth off, or at least to ‘not discoverable’. We don’t want and that’s why we’re trying to stay ahead.”
On top of the Bluetooth marketing campaigns Bluevibe also offers consumers the ability to browse the mobile web on their cell phones for free, through its Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled Hotspots. This means that mobile phones without WiFi capabilities can also connect for free, via Bluetooth.
Mr. Antoniadis had this to say: “We believe that, in order to participate, consumers must be given incentive – a service of value to them, so that they will then gladly see your marketing message, which will bring you higher conversion rates. That’s why we developed the Internet via Bluetooth feature for our Bluevibe Hotspots. Our reseller in Ireland has already had great success with this feature in Butlers’ Buses, a coach company. ”
Blueweb Mobile Media, the Bluevibe exclusive reseller in the U.S. plans on building the largest proximity marketing network in the country. CEO and Partner Daniel Kinney had this to say: “Traditional marketing via Television, Radio, and Print is not working with the same effectiveness as it has in the past. With consumers so reliant on their mobile devices for everything pertinent in their lives it just makes sense to give them the ability to receive an ad or a coupon on their phone. The only way to do so with rich-media content, however, is to “push” it out via Bluetooth. Blueweb Mobile Media intends to build a large infrastructure throughout the country that will give advertisers the ability to push their content directly to consumers most personal and most used devices. We are very excited to partner with one of the best proximity marketing companies in Bluevibe to be able to ensure our clients the best service in the industry. We were especially drawn to the fact that Bluevibe offers a complete marketing package with an easy to use web-based portal and a simple yet extremely effective Bluetooth Mobile application. This gives us the ability to manage a client whether they are in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Miami. We look forward to building the Bluevibe brand throughout the country for years to come.”   

About Bluevibe Ltd
Bluevibe Ltd. is committed to providing innovative Bluetooth marketing products and services. It develops its own Proximity Marketing system, combining both Bluetooth and WiFi, in order to support the widest possible range of mobile phones – from the low-end device to the iPhone / BlackBerry phones – with opt-in Bluetooth marketing campaigns in mind, through the use of rich mobile applications.
Bluevibe already features resellers in Indonesia, Ireland, Hong Kong and Singapore and customers in many countries all over the world.
You can find out more about Bluevibe through its website.
About Blueweb Mobile Media
BlueWeb Mobile Media understands how advertising really works. The industry is changing and we are on the cutting edge of advertising technology. Utilizing Bluetooth and WiFi technologies, BlueWeb Mobile Media delivers your ad right into the hand of the consumer. You can find out more about Blueweb Mobile Media on its website.