STEP-C: A center for the promotion of innovation & entrepreneurship

Virtual Incubator for non-resident tenants


Attract off-site tenants from the local business ecosystem and abroad, in order to support start-up and business expansion and to promote professional networking without providing physical space. The STEP-C Virtual Incubator service for non-resident tenants combines virtual office with incubation services

Why become a non-resident tenant at STEP-C   

  • Become a STEP-C tenant and benefit from our services without physically being located at the incubator site.
  • Increase your credibility with your clients and stakeholders by setting and using our professionally recognized business incubator address.
  • Stay connected with the STEP-C community and exploit networking opportunities with leading research institutes, high-tech companies and state-of-the-art technologies.   
  • Fit your business to ongoing trends in remote working and exploit workplace flexibility.

Who is it for*

  • Tenants seeking to stay connected with the STEP-C community after their graduation from the incubator.
  • Innovative and research-driven companies interested in exporting STEP-C business incubator services, without being physically present in the incubator facility.
  • Foreign companies interested in establishing a presence in Greece to exploit research opportunities for business development.
  • Innovators looking for a virtual tenancy to reduce operating costs and boost professional image and prestige.

*Note: Admission and selection requirements apply

Basic Plan

Office Support

Business postal address
Local phone number
Front lobby receptionist
Mail & call handling
Access to meeting rooms
Access to self-service coffee plus kitchen area and catering services
Facilitate access to local skilled personnel
Use of STEP-C and IASP logos

Business Expansion & Funding

Protection and management of IPR2
Free patent pre-research3
Partner search in Europe’s largest online database2
Brokerage events and business missions2
Support RTD proposal preparation2
Support business expansion abroad2
Linking tenants with investors (pre-seed, seed, Series A, B, C)

Training, Development & Networking

Business coaching & mentoring
On-site & online training
Industry-academia partnerships

Business Evaluation

Technology Audit2
Evaluation services in innovation management, sustainability & digitalization2

Premium Plan

All of Basic plan


Registered office address

Commercial lease agreement

One-stop shop service for setting up your business in Greece

1Requires a minimum 6-month commitment period. Taxes included. An extra 20% discount is offered to STEP-C tenants for maximum 12 months.

2Services offered in collaboration with PRAXI Network.

3Services offered in collaboration with EU Euraxess Network.