The business exchange relationship between Vasil and Thanos, among the 10.600 Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs business matches!

Published July 07, 2022

Τhe business exchange relationship between Vasil and Thanos is one of the 10.600 business “matches” that have been successfully achieved so far within the framework of the Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs programme.

Vasil Vranchev, the New Entrepreneur from Bulgaria will collaborate with the Greek Host Entrepreneur Thanos Argyriou, for 5 months, in Raches, Fthiotida (in the multi-use venue, NISI Glamping) . 

By the end of their business exchange relationship Vasil expects to gain knowledge and skills on architecture and on construction of eco-sustainable building of structures in nature for tourism purposes and learn all the tips and tricks to have a successful business.

Through this procedure, the HE will get a second opinion and review on its business vision and activity so far while the NE will extend the network of contacts and expand the company, both in the field of construction and geographically, in order to achieve its long term growth strategy.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs gives Vasil the opportunity to gain insights into a different cultural and organisational setting while Thanos will have the opportunity to work with an energetic and motivated entrepreneur and acquire new approaches and perspectives for his business. It will definitely be a business investment for both entrepreneurs. We wish them good luck in achieving their goals and grow their businesses together!

Local contact point/intermediary organization for the New Entrepreneur: BCause Foundation

Local contact point/intermediary organization for the Host Entrepreneur: Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH)