Start-up cities Heraklion

Published August 30, 2021

“Any entrepreneur & innovator cannot be left behind wherever you are”

9 Start up Cities from 8 countries across Europe will showcase their startup ecosystem with the aim of exchanging experiences, exposing good practices, and generating new business opportunities around four global accelerators: Market, Talent, Women, and Young.

The Unique Summit is a chance for companies with growth potential to meet with other organisations, public administrations, and investors to share ideas, present innovative solutions and boost the startup ecosystem in their territories.

Co-organising StartupCities are Portugal’s Braga, Romania’s Cluj-Napoca, Germany’s Koln; Greece’s Herakleion, Czech Republic’s Ostrava, Spain’s Valencia, Finland’s Vantaa, Bulgaria’s Varna and Spain’s Malaga. All of them stand out for their innovation and their commitment to promoting dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Additional cities worldwide will have the chance to participate as co-organisers in the summit by submitting a video presentation of their top-notch initiatives on promoting startups and applying innovative solutions in their territories.